Product Detail
  • 24
  • Choy Sum 200g
  • Cooking Oil 20ml
  • Garlic 15g
  • Chicken Essence Powder 3g
  • Aginomoto 3g
  • Salt 3g
  • Refined Sugar 3g
  • Rice Wine 3ml
  1. Rinse Chinese broccoli deeply.Cut garlic into slice.
  2. Incline cooker to 45' angle by pressing left side button. Select "Stir-Fry" mode, set timer to 5 minutes and highest power.
  3. Pour in cooking oil. When fuming, select lowest power and garlic slice. When garlic turns color to golden, select highest power.
  4. Put Chinese broccoli and rice wine, then close lid. After 10 seconds, open lid and add in other seasonings. After 5 seconds, take it out and dish serve.
  • 菜心花 200克
  • 清油 20毫升
  • 蒜头 15克
  • 鸡精粉 3克
  • 味精 3克
  • 盐 3克
  • 幼糖 3克
  • 花雕酒 3毫升
  1. 将材料洗净,蒜头切片。
  2. 按着左边的按键,将锅身调至45度。选择‘炒菜’ 功能,将时间调至5分钟,火力调至最大。
  3. 倒入清油,当看到冒烟时,家火力调至最小,加入蒜片炒至金黄色后,将火力调至最大。
  4. 加入花雕酒和菜心花,将盖关上。约10秒后,加入所有调味料。5秒后取出,即可食用。