Product Detail
  • Sea-10-min
  • Old giner 350g
  • Yellow Wine 160ml
  • Chicken 800g
  • Water 200ml
  • Sesame Oil 2 tablespoons
  • Soy Sauce 10g
  • Oyster Sauce 30g
  • Thick Soy Sauce Little
  • Spatula 1 piece
  1. Rinse ingredients,slice ginger.
  2. Pour water into the cooker, select "Optional" mode, set timer t0 15 imuntes and highest power.
  3. When water boils, put the chopped chicken in. After 3 minutes, take it out. Drain off the water from the cooker and wipe it dry.
  4. Incline cooker to 45' angle by pressing left side button. Select "Optional" mode, set timer to 15 minutes and highest pwer. Start.
  5. Pour in sesame oil. When fuming, put ginger slice. AAfter 1 minute, put chicken,stir well by using spatula.
  6. Pour in 200ml water, yellow wine and all seasonings together into cooker, select medium power and close lid. Then dish can be served.
  • 老姜 350克
  • 黄酒 160毫升
  • 鸡肉 800克
  • 清水 200毫升
  • 麻油 2汤匙
  • 生抽 10毫升
  • 蚝油 30毫升
  • 晒油 少许
  • 锅铲 1个
  1. 将材料洗净,老姜切丝。
  2. 将适量的清水倒入,选择‘自动’功能,将时间调至15分钟,火力调至最大。
  3. 当水煮沸后,加入鸡肉,3分钟后取出备用,将锅内的水倒出,抹干内锅。
  4. 按着左边的按键,将锅身调至45度。选择‘自动’功能,将时间调至15分钟,火力调至最大。
  5. 倒入麻油,当看到冒烟后,加入姜丝,1分钟后,,将鸡肉加入,用锅铲炒均。
  6. 倒入200毫升清水,黄酒和所有调味料。将火力调至中火,将盖关上。完成后,即可食用。