Product Detail
  • outline - 6-1-min
  • Pork Belly 300g
  • 1 tablespoon salt
  • 3 tablespoon MSG
  • A little Five Spices Powder
  • A little Hua Diao Wine
  • A little White vinegar
  1. Boil the pork belly for 30 minutes, rinse them with cold water.
  2. When the pork belly has turned cold,use a fork to poke some holes on the skin of the pork belly.Apply white vinegar to marinate the skin for 10 minutes. Apply Hua Diao wine.
  3. Mix MSG, salt and Five Spices Powder together.Apply evenly on the pork belly and meat only let them marinate for 3 hours.
  4. Preheat the air fryer (200c) by adjusting the time to the lowest.When you see '_ _' on the screen, you will hear a 'dee...dee...dee' sound,pull out the frying basket and insert the pork belly. Adjust the temperature to 200 degree and set the time range to 40 minutes.
  • 花肉 300克
  • 盐 1汤匙
  • 味精 3汤匙
  • 五香粉 少许
  • 花雕酒 适量
  • 白醋 适量
  1. 花肉先用热水煮30分钟,后冲冷水。
  2. 肉冷后,用叉在皮上插洞,再用白醋研制制皮10分钟后,再将花肉拌上花雕酒。
  3. 将味精,盐和五香粉搅拌均匀后,涂匀在肉上(皮不需要),再腌制3小时。
  4. 以上步骤完成后,先按预热功能(200c)把时间调到最低,屏幕出现'_ _',听见滴......滴声后,拉出炸蓝放入食材,在显示屏上按40分钟200C。