Product Detail
  • W5
  • Red bean paste-50g (each)
  • High-gluten flour-200g
  • Sugar-25g
  • Fine salt-2g
  • Yeast-3g
  • Pumpkin puree-90g
  • Milk-60g
  • Butter-20g
  • Cotton thread-80cm (soaked in oil)
  1. Mix all the ingredients (except red bean paste) evenly, knead until it is not sticky, seal it with plastic wrap and place it in the greenhouse to ferment until it doubles in size.
  2. Divide the dough into 100g small balls, stretch the dough and stuff it into red bean paste buns
  3. Use the cotton thread prepared in advance to tie the dough into 8 lines.
  4. Put it into the fryer and press (bread function) to complete.
  • 红豆沙-50g(每粒)
  • 高筋面粉-200g
  • 沙糖-25g
  • 细盐-2g
  • 发酵母-3g
  • 金瓜泥-90g
  • 牛奶-60g
  • 黄油-20g
  • 棉线-80cm(泡油)
  1. 将全部材料(除了红豆沙)混合搅拌均匀,揉搓成不粘手状态,用保鲜膜封住放在温室发酵成2倍大即可
  2. 把面团分成100g小团、撑开面团塞进红豆沙包好
  3. 提前备好的棉线、把面团绑成8条纹路
  4. 放入炸锅按(面包功能)即可完成