Product Detail
  • Recipe - 6-06
  • Orange 350g
  • Pitaya 250g
  • Malt Sugar 150g
  • Coarse Sugar 100g
  • Lemon 1 piece(Remove seed and extract juice)
  • Water Moderate Amount
  • Salt A little
  1. Remove the Pitaya Skin. Remove seeds from orange,and place it in the glass pot together with the orange skin and all the other ingredients.
  2. Manually enter 'Speed 6','2 minutes' and 'Start'.After blending,pour the jam out.
  3. Select 'Fry' on multi cooker,After the pot is heated,pour the jam into the pot and cook until it become thick.Serve after it is cooled.
  • 橘子 350克
  • 火龙果 250克
  • 麦芽糖 150克
  • 砂糖 100克
  • 柠檬 1粒(取籽榨汁)
  • 清水 适量
  • 盐 少许
  1. 将火龙果去皮,橘子取籽后,和橘子皮及其他材料一起放入玻璃壶里。
  2. 手动输入6档2分钟再按'Start'。搅拌后,将果酱倒出。
  3. 在智能锅选择'Fry',等待热锅后,再将果酱倒入锅内煮至浓稠,即可享用。