Product Detail
  • 26
  • Chinese Broccoli 200g
  • Salted Fish 20g
  • Small Chilies 2pcs
  • Ginger Approximately
  • Onion 15g
  • Garlic 4pcs
  • Cooking Oil 1 ½ tablespoon
  • Soy Sauce 5ml
  • Water 30ml
  • Tapioca Starch Approximately (mix with some water)
  1. Rinse ingredients,smash garlic and chilies. Slice onion,shred ginger, cut salted fish into cube, cut Chinese broccoli into section. Mix seasonings well.
  2. Incline cooker to 45' angle by pressing left side button. Select 'Stir-Fry" mode, set timer to 4 minutes and highest power
  3. Pour in cooking oil. When fuming, put salted fish to saute until it turns color to golden.
  4. Add chilies to saute during last remaining 2 minutes, put Chinese broccoli and close lid. At last remaining 1 minute, open lid, stir fry until the time is up, then dish can be served.
  5. Pour in 1 tablespoon cooking oil, then put all ingredients. At last remaining 1 minute, add seasonings.When the time is up, garnish sauces on fish, then dish can be served.
  • 芥兰 200克
  • 咸鱼 20克
  • 小辣椒 2条
  • 子姜 适量
  • 大葱 15克
  • 蒜头 4颗
  • 清油 1 ½ 汤匙
  • 生抽 5毫升
  • 白糖 3克
  • 清水 30毫升
  • 薯粉 适量(加入少许清水搅均)
  1. 将材料洗净,蒜头和小辣椒拍碎。大葱切条,子姜切丝,咸鱼切粒,芥兰切段。将调味料搅均备用。
  2. 按着左边的按键,教锅身调至45度。选择‘炒菜’功能,将时间调至4分钟,火力调至最大。
  3. 倒入清油。当看到冒烟时,加入咸鱼爆香后,再加入蒜头爆至金黄色。
  4. 加入小辣椒爆至时间剩下2分钟时,加入芥兰,将盖关上,当时间剩下1分钟时,将盖打开,炒至时间停止,即可食用。