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  • Recipe - 1-03
  • Chicken thighs 500g
  • Potatoes 300g
  • Water 40ml
  • Curry sauce mixture 1 pack
  • Cocount Milk 100g
  • Soy sauce 1 ½tablespoons
  1. Soak the dried mushroom for 4 hours then squeeze to remove water, chop the chicken into cubes, slice the onion, and smash the garlic using knife.
  2. Choose 'Fry' to preheat the pot. Add cooking oil and sesame oil to heat it. Sauté the ginger and garlic.Add star anise and stir fry the chicken.Add Shaoxing wine and choose 'Cancel'..
  3. Stir well after added in water and other seasonings. Close lid, choose 'Chicken' then choose '–' to set timer to 8 minutes. After that, the dish is ready to be served.
  • 鸡腿 500克
  • 马铃薯 300克
  • 清水 40克
  • 咖喱料 1包
  • 椰浆 100克
  • 酱油 1½汤匙
  1. 先将马铃薯去皮,鸡腿剁块。
  2. 选择'Fry'的功能,待热锅后,加入咖哩料炒香,按下'Cancel'键。加入清水,鸡腿块,马铃薯一起搅拌均匀后,将盖关上,选择'Chicken'的功能,再按下'–',将时间调至8分钟。
  3. 待自动排气后,将椰浆和酱油倒入锅里,选择'Fry'的功能,炒至均匀后,按下'Cancel'键,即可食用。