Product Detail
  • Recipe-1-34
  • Scallop 300g
  • Dried Shrimp 200g
  • Dried Chili 10g
  • Garlic 30g
  • Small Onion 70g
  • Oil 600g
  • Oyster Sauce 30g
  • Rice Wine 30g
  1. Add oil and sesame sauce into the glass of Detox Juicer, close the cover to tight.
  2. Press ‘Heat’ and then ‘Start’, add in scallop and dried shrimp when the oil is boiled. Fry them till golden.
  3. Add in garlic, small onion, dried chili, rice wine and oyster sauce. Press ‘Baby Paste’ and then ‘Start’.
  4. You would hear a ‘Dee..dee’ sound when it is done.Remove the cover and the sauce is ready to be served.
  • 干⻉ 300g
  • 虾米 200g
  • 辣椒干 10g
  • 蒜米 30g
  • 葱头仔 70g
  • 清油 600g
  • 蠔油 30g
  • 米酒 30g
  1. 将清油和麻油倒入解毒汁机的玻璃杯里,盖紧杯盖。
  2. 在显示屏上选择'Heat'的功能再按'Start'。油滚了后,将干贝和虾米放入玻璃杯里滚至金黃色。
  3. 将蒜米,葱头仔,辣椒干,米酒,蚝油倒入杯里,在显示屏上选择'Baby Paste'的功能再按'Start'。
  4. 完成时你就会听到滳...滳声!可以享用。