Product Detail
  • Recipe - 3-01
  • White fungus : 70 g
  • Red dates 20 pieces
  • Rock sugar 240 g
  • Water 4 Liters
  1. Rinse ingredients and soak the white fungus for half an hour.
  2. Put water into the pot and press 'Fry'. Add in rock sugar when water is boiled. Press 'Cancel' button after rock sugar melted. Meanwhile, add other ingredients into the pot, close the lid and press 'Soup' bu􀆩on. A􀅌er that, the dish is ready to be served.
  • 雪耳 :70克
  • 红枣 :20颗
  • 冰糖 :240克
  • 清水 :4公升
  1. 将雪耳浸泡半小时。
  2. 将清水倒入㶽里,选择'Fry'的功能,待水煮沸,再加入冰糖溶化后,按下'Cancel'键。将其它材料加入,将盖关上,选择'Soup'的功能。完成后,即可食用。