Modus Operandi

VOOKA is different from other home electrical appliances companies in that we market our products through roadshows and let our products speak for themselves. Consumers can experience the products on the spot and buy with great satisfaction.

Through its sophisticated marketing effort–road shows–VOOKA offers guarantees and impeccable after-sales services, winning distinctive approvals from the consumers at large.

Company Profile

Founded in 2015, Vooka International Group Pte Ltd(201532668Z)has become a renowned household name in Singapore to propagate its roadshows modus operandi there.

Vooka International Group Pte Ltd is headquarted in Cresent complete with offices and a warehouse. We market a specific range of outstanding home electrical appliances in shopping malls, hypermarkets and exhibitions.

Own Brand

VOOKA created and registered its own brand—VOOKA—in order to ensure long term economic development, easy recognition as well as brand reputation.

In terms of branding, we expose VOOKA for maximal consumer recognition via appropriate media, including but not limited to magazines, outdoor ads, star/singer spokemanship etc.

Home Electrical Appliances

With good insight in modern family needs, VOOKA places a lot of emphasis on practical and functional excellence of its home electrical products, with the sole objective of making its products the best and the most convenient helpers to modern households, easing housework tremendously.

All Vooka home electrical appliances come with a few important features, including practicality, exquisite design, user-friendliness, smart operation to give better-than-expected user experience that drastically reduces housework.

Vooka product range includes:

  1. Multi-purpose Pressure Rice Cooker
  2. One Touch Fryer
  3. Grain Huller
  4. Multi-Functional Polishing Vacuum Cleaner
  5. Polisher
  6. Double Cylinder Garment Steamer

Safety Certification

In order to assure safety to users, all VOOKA home electrical appliances are safety certified, complying fully with electrical safety standards.

Safety certificates for our products include EU’s GS Certificate, China’s CB National Quality Certificate, Singapore’s Safety Mark Certificate and Malaysia’s own SIRIM Certificate.

  1. German Safety Certificate (GS) — this is a certificate based on GPGS (German product safety standards), recognized widely throughout EU.
  2. China’s CB Certificate — this system follows International Electrotechnical Commission, or IEC standards, designed in accordance with an international agreement to overcome international trade barrier as a result of different certification systems in different countries.
  3. Singapore’s Safety Mark Certificate — this is erected by the Standards, Productivity and Innovation Board of Singapore (abbreviated as SPRING) to ensure user safety in electrical and electronic products.
  4. Malaysia’s SIRIM Certificate — a local certification system based on the IEC system.

Quality Assurance

OCA offers consumers full product guarantee. We have a maintenance department both in Malaysia and Singapore complete with 100% spares inventory. Even though a product’s warranty period may have lapsed, we can still change the spare parts immediately, without having to wait for spares to be sent from the original manufacturer.

In both countries, our maintenance departments are equipped with well-trained technicians and full inventory on spares. Our technicians take great pride in their maintenance work, vowing to provide the best maintenance services in the market.

Warranty Period

In order to boost user confidence and brand reputation, we offer at least 2 years, and some even up to 5 years, of warranty period, so that users can enjoy the longest period of product guarantee.

Our maintenance departments follow simple work protocols and promise to complete any repair within one week. That is the speed and type of maintenance work that we are proud of.

With efficient logistic support, all repaired products are sent back to the users swiftly, flaunting our brand reputation and efficiency.

Excellent Production

It is a fact that home electrical appliances of many a reputable international companies are manufactured in different countries. A part of VOOKA’s home electrical appliances comes from different countries under OEM, while the rest comes from other countries such as Germany, Korea, Japan, China etc.

All OEM manufacturers appointed by VOOKA have been carefully sieved. They must conform to some strict conditions such as the experience to manufacture for other brands, having specific certification, excellent manufacturing facilities etc. In short, they must be able to produce high end home electrical appliances.

Product quality bears a direct impact on brand reputation, and VOOKA is not prepared to take any risk in its appointment of OEM manufacturers. We will only market home electrical appliances of world standards, backing up VOOKA with the best quality so as to be a winner in terms of market reputation.

Excellence in Credibility

With years of quality operation by VOOKA has not only earned excellent credibility among consumers in terms of product and services, but has also earned numerous recognitions from the Malaysian media, including but not limited to Outstanding Achievement Awards from Top Corporate Leader, an illustrious business magazine of high credibility, as well as Global Business Magazine.

VOOKA has been conferred the following awards by Global Business Magazine:


And awards conferred by Top Corporate Leader: