Product Detail
  • Budget Pie Chart 副本 (7)
  • Mango 300g
  • Banana 150g
  • Ice Cube 450g
  • Evaporated Milk 200ml
  1. Remove the skin of mango and banana. (Remove the seed for mango)
  2. Add in mango and banana into the glass of nutrition cooking machine, and then add in all the other materials. Close the cover to tight.
  3. Press ‘Milk Shake’ and then ‘Start’ on the display. Once it is turned on,open the small cap and stir the milk shake consistently using the stirring stick. Remove the cover once it is done and the milk shake is ready to be served.
  • Prevention of the constipation, Appesases thirst, improve urination
  • 芒果-300克
  • 香蕉-150克
  • 冰块-450克
  • 淡奶 200ml
  1. 将芒果和香蕉去皮(芒果的种子不要)
  2. 将芒果和香蕉放进后静音破壁机的玻璃杯里,再把其它的材料加入,盖紧杯盖。
  3. 在显示屏上选择(milk shake)的功能再按(start)。当启动后,打开小盖并使用搅拌棒不时地搅拌。完成后关机。打开杯盖,倒出饮用。
  • 预防便秘,解渴利尿