Product Detail
  • Recipe - 4-09
  • Red Carrot 50g
  • Black Pepper Powder Moderate Amount
  • Water 50ml
  • Mackerel 600g
  • Egg 1 piece
  • Soy Sauce 10ml
  • Spring Onion Moderate Amount
  1. Place all ingredient (except spring onion) into the glass pot. Manually enter 'Speed 4','2minute' and 'Start'.
  2. Upon completion,pour the fish cake mixture into a bowl. Add green onion and stir evenly.
  3. Select 'Fry' fucntion on the multi cooker.Pour the fish cake mixture into heated pot and fry until it becomes golden in colour.
  • 红萝卜 50克
  • 黑胡椒粉 适量
  • 清水 50毫升
  • 马鲛鱼肉 600克
  • 鸡蛋 1颗
  • 酱青 10毫升
  • 葱花 适量
  1. 将所有材料(除了葱花)放入玻璃壶里,手动输入4档2分钟再按'Start'。
  2. 完成后,将肉酱倒入碗中,再加入葱花搅拌均匀。
  3. 在只能锅选择'Fry',等待热锅后将鱼饼放入锅中,煎至金黄色,即可食用。